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Does thinking about money make you sweat?
We offer holistic financial services for individuals, families and small businesses. From figuring out where you spend your money, to paying down debt and protecting your income, we're here to help. We provide a free 30-minute consultation to determine if our services are right for you.

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We want to get you thinking about your entire financial picture when we work together, so we assist you along every step of the way.



No one like the "b" word (budget....shhh), so we help you to plan where you want to spend your money, and how to build flexibility into your monthly spending, with flexible budget coaching sessions.



Make sure future you is living your best life. From emergency savings goals, to registered and non-registered investments, we help you plan and automate your savings so you can be confident in your future.



Here's another word that gets a bad rap - insurance. We help you navigate the world of insurance, whether you're protecting your income, your family, or your business from curveballs life throws your way.

Website background pink.png

Looking toward your future, you need to have a plan
Because a vision without a plan is just a dream. At Koch Financial, we not only want you to dream big, but to plan for it too.


Meet your financial planners

You need a plan that doesn't fall apart when life throws you obstacles. We're here to help you craft a solid but flexible plan to help you achieve your financial dreams.

We are an independent financial planning firm based in Southern Alberta, offering insurance and investment planning for individuals, families and businesses. Find out how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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